The dog days of winter are slowly coming to an end. That means plenty of good weather and sunshine, and the best time to think about giving your exterior a face-lift. When’s the best time to think about getting your house bid? We always offer a free estimate, and are always more than willing to come give you a helping hand. However, the sooner you can schedule the better.

When should you schedule a bid?

Spring and summertime are our busiest seasons, so if you want to get a bid in quickly, always try to plan ahead. If you’ve been thinking about getting the exterior of your home or business painted for some time, there’s no better time than now. We are more than happy to come by and give a free estimate. Likewise, we offer a free hour of color consultation to make sure you get the perfect color combinations.

What else should you think about when scheduling a bid? Take a look at your home’s paint, if you see any signs of paint wearing down or starting to peel off, now’s the best time to give us a call. Also, if you’re possibly thinking about selling your home, a new fresh paint job might be exactly what you need to land your buyer.

What if you’re unsure what color(s) you want?


Painting the exterior of your house can be a massive decision, and the last thing you want is to make the wrong decision as far as colors. Luckily, we can help with that! We use top quality Sherwin-Williams paint for all our jobs, and our website features the Colorsnap Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams. Once on the visualizer, you can explore all different kinds of color combinations and get a real-life visualization of what that would look like on your home.

One thing to keep in mind, is that multiple colors on the exterior of your home is known to enhance curb appeal. The above pictures can help give you an idea of color combinations such as “Renwich Olive”/”Cut the Mustard”/”High Reflective White” on the top picture, and then “Something Blue” on the bottom picture. All of those colors also come courtesy of Sherwin-Williams, and can be found on the Colorsnap Visualizer.

So why should you consider a repaint of your exterior?

First and foremost, the addition of a brand new exterior paint job on your house can greatly increase the value of your home. Whether you plan to stay in your home for a while, or are looking to sell soon, touching up the exterior is a terrific investment. Likewise, painting the exterior protects your investment. In Oregon, our homes are subject to some fairly harsh weather at times. Your paint is the first line of defense against the seasons. Painting the exterior of your home could potentially be more of a value than having to replace the wood on your home due to dry rot.

At the end of the day, a house is most often a person’s biggest investment. You grow up there, you make memories there, and you spend most of your time there. Your house should be something you love to come home to, and we think a stunning exterior can be warm and inviting. If you’re on the fence about the decision, give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to come answer any questions and eliminate any doubts. Our goal is to always leave our customers with an elegant outcome and a smile on their face. Please feel free to Like us on facebook or email us at for any questions.