Whether it’s interior paint or exterior paint, there are always changing trends within the house painting world that house painters need to keep up with. Here we give you an overview of 2019’s top trending colors that homeowners are choosing to energize their décor with.

1. Woodland Grays and Browns

Nature often inspires both exterior design and interior design, and 2019 is going to see mushroom grays and woodland browns come into fashion. These earthy grays and browns help you to reconnect with nature and relax.

2. Living Coral

Pantone has officially declared “Living Coral” to be 2019’s paint shade of the year. Experts describe this as an optimistic paint color, with elements of orange and brown helping to energize interior paint jobs.

3. Pale Pinks

A popular choice for interior paint in recent years, many house painters and house painting companies are familiar with shades of pale pink. This neutral paint shade can be easily mixed with other colors for a stripped-back and tranquil effect.

4. Digital Design

The presence of smart digital technology in people’s homes in inspiring homeowners to choose vibrant paint shades that are reminiscent of artificial digital light. This helps to give people’s homes a more familiar feel, pushing their interior design well into the 21st century.

5. Forest Greens

In both exterior design and interior design, there is a growing painting trend of using deep greens which have been inspired by nature, even if they are not necessarily the most natural-looking shades of green. As an interior paint, this can bring a classic-yet-modern feel to your home, feeling almost timeless.

6. Soft Blues

This year, house painters are seeing a lot of soft and misty blues with gray undertones that have a more calming effect on a home. Many of these soft blue paints also contain a hint of purple in order to liven things up. In fact, “Seattle Haze” has been recently selected as one of the paint colors of the year.

Whether you’re a stylish homeowner, interior designer, or you feel like doing an exterior paint job on your home, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest house painting trends, especially if you plan to resell your home one day. No one wants their house to appear dated, which is why we recommend working with experienced house painters who can recommend the best modern colors to complement your home’s existing interior and exterior design.

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